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Would you like to become a distributor of our high-end access hatches? Then read on how it can lead to fruitful cooperation. 

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We are looking for reliable and high-quality partners who can distribute our products.

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We have a wide range of innovative products that we can offer at very competitive prices. We also provide training for your advisers. We also supply an IT system with which you can easily sell and order our products. This will take you to a high level in no time, making you a good partner for your future customers.

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Our future partner knows what is going on in the construction and infrastructure world and already has many customers who are active here. For him, the package of products we offer is the missing piece that makes him the dream supplier.
"Configuring and ordering a product is child's play with the WP-System. This has real added value for us as a sales organization."

Joanna Ostrowska




We have created a very extensive website on which we show you the added value of working with us. Request a login code and see what we can do for each other.
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Vlak deksel, Type B1P

  • Gelijkvloers (instorten in vloer)
  • Vlak, tranenplaat, deksel
  • Scharnierend of uitneembaar deksel
  • RVS en/of aluminium
  • Diverse belastingsklassen
  • Vele opties en uitvoeringen

Verdiept deksel, Type B1F

  • Gelijkvloers (instorten in vloer)
  • Verdiept, vulbaar deksel
  • Scharnierend of uitneembaar deksel
  • Staal verzinkt, RVS en/of aluminium
  • Diverse belastingsklassen
  • Vele opties en uitvoeringen

Vlak deksel inbouw, Type BI1P

  • Gelijkvloers (inbouwen in sparing)
  • Vlak (tranenplaat) deksel
  • Scharnierend of uitneembaar deksel
  • RVS, aluminium en staal verzinkt
  • Verkeersklasse: Overloopbaar, A15 en B125
  • Diverse uitvoeringen en opties

Opbouwluiken, Type R1

  • Opbouw (gemondeerd op het betondek)
  • Verkeerskl.: Overloopbaar en A15
  • Aluminium en RVS
  • Diverse uitvoeringen
  • Leverbaar met CE certificaat
  • Veel opties


Putluik met Z-rand, Type WR1

  • Montage op betonrand (opbouw)
  • Verkeersklasse: Overloopbaar en A15
  • Scharnierend deksel (tranenplaat)
  • Deksel voorzien van neopreen celrubber
  • RVS, en/of aluminium
  • Diverse opties

Putluik vlak, Type WT1

  • Montage over putrand (gelijkvloers)
  • Geschikt voor lichte veerkeersbelasting
  • Ingenieuze RVS304 luikomranding 2mm
  • Verkeersklasse: Overloopbaar, A15 en B125
  • Vlak scharnierend deksel (tranenplaat)
  • Aluminium en RVS
  • Diverse opties